Toyota Helps College Graduates with Rebate

Graduating college is a great accomplishment, but where do you go from there? Finding a job in today’s economy can be a real struggle, but once you get hired, getting there just got a little easier. Toyota  Financial Services and Toyota Motor Sales provides a $1,000 rebate to qualified college graduates on a list of new vehicles. The Prius C is the latest and first hybrid available for this Graduate Rebate Program. Other vehicles on the list include: Camry (excluding Camry hybrid), Corolla, Matrix, RAV4, Tacoma, Yaris and new Scion models.

Graduates who qualify for the $1,000 rebate will also be eligible for the College Graduate Finance Program (applicable for all new Toyota/Scion models) which offers other incentives like:

  • No money down when financing and no monthly payments for the first 90 days on select finance programs on all new untitled Toyota vehicles
  • Competitive APRs on all new untitled Toyota vehicles and Toyota Certified Used Vehicles
  • Waived security deposit on lease
  • And of course, Toyota Care: a 2-year/25,000-mile, whichever comes first, complimentary worry-free maintenance plan with roadside assistance

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Graduates within the last two years, or within the next six months who qualify are eligible for The College Rebate Program until January 2, 2013.


Raising the bar on technology – 2012 RAV4 EV

Coming to a select number of Toyota stores in California later this summer, the RAV4 EV has an approximate driving range of 100 miles. It charges in about 6 hours with the use of a 120V/40A battery charger. It’s an all-electric SUV in which the driving performance and load capacity is equal to and exceeds in some areas when compared to its gas powered counterpart, the RAV4 V6.

This creation is the result of a collaboration between Tesla Motors and the Toyota Motor Corporation. The design team has focused on producing an electric vehicle with remote charging capabilities, advanced interactive displays and aerodynamic styling for the most enduring EPA estimated driving range rating of any non-luxury EV. This SUV also achieves 0-60 MPH in seven seconds.

With the contribution of Tesla’s technology savvy and Toyota’s design, engineering and production mastery, the RAV4 EV is a powerful addition to the Toyota inventory which was developed in just twenty two months.


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What is Traction Control?

ImageIf you were expecting a cloud of artificial smoke to conceal your vehicle from onlookers or nitro boosters to shoot your car up to unfathomable speeds after pressing this button, then you are wrong. What it does do is help your vehicle accelerate without spinning the wheels on slippery surfaces.

In the winter months when roads are covered with ice and snow or whenever tires find it hard to grip the surface on which they are traveling upon, this option applies a brake to the spinning wheel and allows the other wheel, which has traction, to proceed. This is similar to the anti-lock braking system, but in acceleration scenarios only. Special sensors determine if the speed of one tire is rotating faster than the other and apply brake to the proper wheel. Some vehicles reduce engine power to the wheels that are slipping.

Traction Control is a safety option and the only reason I believe the option should be turned off is if your vehicle is stuck it snow. If your vehicle loses engine power to the spinning wheels, that could make it harder to dig your way out. The same goes with braking spinning wheels, as the wheels may be able to dig down to the gravel or whatever is under the snow to gain traction. Check out some great vehicles with Traction Control here.